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Get to Know Barrio Brinery

Welcome to Barrio Brinery. WeWe have been bringing (and brining) fine fermented foods to Santa Fe and beyond since 2014. We make our products by hand-crafting small batches of flavorful goodness using only the finest ingredients. Stop by and get to know us, and you'll be sold.

Our pickled products are fermented in salt brine, not pickled in vinegar, like store-bought pickles. Once you taste the difference, you'll be sold. If deliciousness doesn't sell you on its own, ask us about the probiotic health benefits of fermented foods. Our products are good and good for you!
We started Barrio Brinery because we have a passion for high-quality, hand-crafted foods, and the overwhelming response we've received confirms our hunch that Santa Fe shares that passion.

Barrio Brinery #BecausePickles!


Open Tuesday through Saturday

The best way to experience our full selection of great products is to drop by our store. We are located one-half mile west of Solana Center

1413-B West Alameda, Santa Fe, NM, 87501 [Parking is off of Mesa Verde]


No coupon required, just come in and help yourself to free samples of our products before you pick your favorite.

Valid from 4/01/20 to 5/31/21.